WATCH: Big Brother Warns Heaven and Edward For Being ‘Too Touchy’ Inside PBB

Housemates Edward Barber and Heaven Peralejo admitted that they mutually like each other and started showing their emotions though touching.

Last night, Big Brother called the attention of the two and they were advise to stop for being ‘too touchy’ because it’s not suitable for their age.

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“I can see what is going on. It is not great to see you being too touchy,” said Big Brother to Edward and Heaven. “Take your time. Enjoy your teenage life,” he added.

Barber from Germany thought that expressing affection through touching is normal, but Big Brother explained that the Filipinos are more conservative and touching is not allowed during courtship.

Meanwhile, Heaven also inform other housemates Marco Gallo and Vivoree Esclito for being touchy.

“You have to be careful. I mean in being too touchy with each other. I suggest you lessen that. What would Vivoree’s parents think? This was the first time you’ve become sweet to each other – holding each other’s hand,” she said.


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