WATCH: Badjao Girl breaks down as she tries to help Christian Morones inside PBB House

Rita Gabiola, dubbed as “Badjao Girl,” broke down in tears inside the Pinoy Big Brother house as she tried to help fellow housemate Christian Morones about his performance of an important task.

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Morones decided to be alone and not to mingle with other housemates after a failed task assigned to him. He decided to keep quiet for a while or else he might hurt someone.

Rita who chose to comfort him became emotional and voice out her feelings with the other housemates.

“It seems we have problem with each other,” the 13-year-old Rita shouted. “Earlier we are happy and now we are sad. I don’t like this, it’s like I am seeing my family,” she added.

“We are here to have fun. We are here to enjoy,” she said.

Christian said that no one could be happy all the time. He said Rita needs to be taught a lesson, but Big Brother called Christian inside the confession room and told him that what Rita needs now is patience and understanding.

After a while, Christian went out of the room and reconciled with Rita, who also apologized about the incident.

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