Watch: America’s Got Talent Contestant Accidentally Shoots Husband in the Throat During Live Show

Performing duo Ryan Stock and Amber Lynn shocked the audience as well as the judges during their performance on America’s Got Talent live show on Tuesday, August 2, 2016.


At the end of their act, Amber accidentally fired a red-hot arrow into Ryan’s throat on live television. The duo were set to impress the judges with a death defying stunt but it literally went up in flames.

Ryan panicked and was seen coping with his throat. “You’re not on fire,” host Nick Cannon said, trying to relieve him.

The judges asked him to seek medical treatment, despite him insisting he was fine. “Why are we judging this act?” Simon Cowell said. “Amber just shot Ryan and he needs to go to a hospital now! I’m being serious.”

After the commercial break, Cannon inform the viewers that Ryan had been checked and appeared to be OK.

Watch the video below.

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