The Voice Season 9 Top 20 Revealed Plus a New TWIST!

The Voice Season 9 ‘Knockouts’ are over! The Top 20 semifinalists heading to the ‘Live Playoffs‘ are revealed.


Next week during the Live Playoffs, there will be four “Bring Back” contestants, one per team, that were eliminated during the Battle or Knockout Rounds, that will return to compete for wild-card-style spots in the top 12. Which four singers will get a second chance and join the 20 semifinalists here?

The Top 20 Semifinalists of The Voice Season 9 are listed below.

Team Adam Levine

  • Blaine Mitchell
  • Jordan Smith
  • Keith Semple
  • Shelby Brown
  • Amy Vachal – Stolen from Team Pharrell

Team Blake Shelton

  • Barrett Baber
  • Emily Ann Roberts
  • Ivonne Acero
  • Zach Seabaugh
  • Morgan Frazier – Stolen BACK from Team Pharrell

Team Gwen Stefani

  • Braiden Sunshine
  • Jeffery Austin
  • Korin Bukowski
  • Regina Love
  • Viktor Kiraly – Stolen from Team Adam

Team Pharrell Williams

  • Darius Scott
  • Evan McKeel
  • Madi Davis
  • Mark Hood
  • Riley Biederer – Stolen BACK from Team Gwen