The Voice Kids Philippines Season 3 Team Bamboo Sing-Offs Performances & Results

The Voice Kids Philippines Season 3 returns Sunday night, August 14, for the last episode of the “Sing Offs“.

Tonight, eight artists from Team Bamboo are set to perform for the live shows. Three of them will advance to the next round of the competition while the rest will be eliminated.


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This part of the competition follows the format of the previous season wherein remaining artists pit for one of the spots per team in the Live Shows. Instead of having two artists per team, three artists per team will be advancing to the Live Shows.

Members of Team Bamboo: Wyllian Heart Salvador, Ezra and Elisha Villaluz, Xylein Herrera, Princess Aliya Rabara, Justin John Alva, Kenneth Agustin Bardinas, Bernard Badato and Kyle Philippe Mallari.

Team Bamboo’s Final Result:

Top Three (3) Artists:
1. Justin John Alva
2. Wyllian Heart Salvador
3. Xylein Herrera

Eliminated Artists:
4. Ezra and Elisha Villaluz
5. Princess Aliya Rabara
6. Kenneth Agustin Bardinas
7. Bernard Badato
8. Kyle Philippe Mallari

What do you think of the results tonight?

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