Watch: Alisan Porter Sings ‘Blue Bayou,’ Standing ‘O’ Performance on The Voice 10

Alisan Porter sings “Blue Bayou” during the blind auditions of The Voice Season 10! The former child star hits all the high notes and all the judges turn around.

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At the end of the performance all the four judges give her a standing ovation.

“Honestly, I was going through a hard time in life,” Porter says after her performance. “And then, I actually got sober eight years ago and I fell in love and I had children and that was my goal to just be a good mom. And I really feel like the universe just had a plan for me because you guys turned for me today.”

The 34-year-old Porter starred as Curly Sue opposite James Belushi in the movie of the same name, and who vomited on Steve Martin in Parenthood.

Despite her family’s decision to pick between Adam and Blake, Alison chose Team Christina.

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