The Voice Season 9 Live Playoffs Results: Top 12 Artists Revealed

The Voice Season 9 returns Wednesday night, November 11, to reveal the Top 12 contestants of the competition.


On Monday and Tuesday, the Top 20 plus 4 wildcards have finished competing and now it’s up to the viewers to vote and decide who is moving forward to the Top 12 of The Voice Season 9.

Two contestants will advance to the Top 12 on each of the four teams – Team Adam Levine, Team Blake Shelton, Team Gwen Stefani, Team Pharrell Williams – via America’s vote. Each coach will choose one singer to round out the finalists.

Who will be in the Top 12 for season 9? Results will be posted below.

Team Gwen Stefani:

1. Jeffery Austin – Saved by America
2. Braiden Sunshine – Saved by America
3. Korin Bukowski – Saved by Gwen

Eliminated Artists: Ellie Lawrence, Regina Love, Viktor Kiraly

Team Blake Shelton:

1. Barrett Baber – Saved by America
2. Zach Seabaugh – Saved by America
3. Emily Ann – Saved by Blake

Eliminated Artists: Morgan Frazier, Ivonne Acero, Nadjah Nicole

Team Pharrell Williams:

1. Madi Davis – Saved by America
2. Evan McKeel – Saved by America
3. Mark Hood – Saved by Pharrell

Eliminated Artists: Riley Biederer, Celeste Betton, Darius Scott

Team Adam Levine:

1. Jordan Smith – Saved by America
2. Shelby Brown – Saved by America
3. Amy Vachal – Saved by Adam

Eliminated Artists: Chance Peña, Keith Semple, Blaine Mitchell

What do you think of the results? Did your favorites make it?