The Voice Kids Philippines Season 2 ‘Battle Rounds’ July 26, 2015 Recap & Videos

The Voice Kids Philippines Season 2 returns Sunday night, July 26, 2015, for the next episode of the ‘Battle Rounds!’

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Last night, nine artists from the three teams performed for the ‘Battle Rounds!’ Six of them were eliminated while three artists were chosen to continue in the ‘Sing Offs!’

Watch their performances below.

Performers tonight:

  • Jhoas Sumatra vs Noah Anderson vs Luke James Alford (Team Lea)
    Winner: Luke James Alford
  • Atascha Mercado vs Martina Luis vs Ashley Simone Teves (Team Bamboo)
    Winner: Atascha Mercado
  • Mandy Sevillana vs Kristel Belo vs Kenshley Abad (Team Sarah)
    Winner: Kristel Belo
  • Elha Mae Nympha vs Paul Abellana vs Kate Campo (Team Bamboo)
    Winner: Elha Mae Nympha

Tonight, the coach of the respective team will choose one winner, who will move on to the next round, the Sing-offs. The other two who were not chosen must leave the competition. Coaches cannot steal other coaches’ artists this season, so they only have one chance to save artists who don’t win.

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Eliminated Artists:
1. Jhoas Sumatra (Team Lea)
2. Noah Anderson (Team Lea)
3. Martina Luis (Team Bamboo)
4. Ashley Simone Teves (Team Bamboo)
5. Mandy Sevillana (Team Sarah)
6. Kenshley Abad (Team Sarah)
7. Paul Abellana (Team Bamboo)
8. Kate Campo (Team Bamboo)

Through to Sing-Offs:
1. Luke James Alford (Team Lea)
2. Atascha Mercado (Team Bamboo)
3. Kristel Belo (Team Sarah)
4. Elha Mae Nympha (Team Bamboo)