Reason Why Joniver Robles Kicked Out from The Voice Philippines

The Voice of the Philippines on Sunday explained that one of Team Bamboo’s artists, Joniver Robles, would no longer be part of the Top 6 because of personal reason.

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Before the end of the show, his coach, Bamboo Manalac announced that he will be replaced by Rita Martinez in the live shows.

After the show, Robles wrote a message on Facebook: “I NEED HELP. To all my supporters… specially friends and love ones… to my Mom. I didn’t know what to do and not hearing anything from my coach and teammates or anyone from the show made wait until tonight. IT WAS TAKEN AWAY FROM ME. Myself.. being in that show is “personal” itself… I’ve been struggling and doing this all my life and always wanted to perform in a worldwide stage. I will never exchange this opportunity for anything. I am saying this because these people can always make up lies to be used against me.”


Many netizens asked the authenticity of the account but few confirmed that it was indeed Joniver’s Facebook personal account.


Why he was removed from the show?


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