PBB 737 Stops Voting for Eviction after Jessica Marasigan’s Voluntary Exit

Pinoy Big Brother (PBB 737) first eviction for the regular housemates has been stopped after one of the housemates voluntarily leave the house.


Jessica Marasigan dubbed as “California Dreamgirl ng U.S.A,” decided to voluntarily leave the house after knowing the sad news about her family.

In an episode last Sunday, Big Brother called the 21-year-old Marasigan to the confession room where he revealed the unexpected news about her family.

Big Brother told Marasigan that her grandmother passed away. Upon hearing the news, Marasigan quickly said she wanted to leave the house and be with her family.

Because of her decision, voting for eviction has been stopped for this week because of Jessica’s exit. On August 15, Jessica and Miho Nishida were nominated for eviction.

Watch the video below.