PBB 737 Kenzo Gutierrez, Bailey Thomas Bromance: Truth Revealed

The real score between Pinoy Big Brother 737 two good looking housemates revealed!


The closeness of 18-year-old Karlo Lorenzo “Kenzo” Gutierrez and 12-year-old Bailey Thomas May tickled the imagination of netizens after photos of the two went viral on social media.

Some netizens conclude that the two PBB 737 housemates are gays while some believed it’s scripted. Because of the issue, hashtags #KenLey and #Bazo became a hot trending topic online.

Kenzo Gutierrez and Bailey Thomas bromance explained.

Last night, PBB resident psychologist Dr. Randy Dellosa clarified that the closeness of Kenzo and Bailey should not be misinterpreted as a romantic relationship but should be considered as “brotherly love, a deep friendship between two males.”

“The housemates get lonely and they want to get the affection from each other so that they can support each other. So that’s one reason why they become touchy and emotional,” Dellosa said.

“In the past, men should act tough, rough and emotionless. Now, we have to be in touch with both our male and female sides,” he added.