PBB 737 Housemate Kenzo Asks Bailey’s Brief as Souvenir

The closeness of Pinoy Big Brother 737 housemates Kenzo Gutierrez and Bailey Thomas May has prompted netizens to label the two as “KenLey” or “Bazo“.


One of the controversial scenes between the two is an incident wherein Bailey jokingly told Kenzo that he would give his stained briefs as a souvenir.

Kenzo dubbed as “Astig ng Quezon City” is seen lying on Bailey’s stomach while Kyle is seated right next to them.

“The Global Gwapito ng UK” gives them reminders on what do when he leaves the big brother house.

Read their conversation below.

Kenzo: “You can keep my ball if I get evicted…so you can play with it if you get bored. Can I have a brief of yours? Nah, I’m just kidding.”

Bailey: “Yes, you can. Put it in a glass box. I’ll give you the stained ones…the stained briefs.”

During that time, other housemates called them to eat but Bailey said that he was not hungry.

Kenzo said he needed to eat. Then he tried to convince him by saying, “Bro, you have to eat…come on, I’ll feed you. Then sit beside me.”

Their conversation ended when Bailey agreed, “Okay, I’ll sit beside you.”

Last week, PBB resident psychologist Dr. Randy Dellosa clarified that the closeness of Kenzo and Bailey should not be misinterpreted as a romantic relationship but should be considered as “brotherly love, a deep friendship between two males.”