WATCH: PBB Lucky 7 Dream Team 1st Nomination Night Results

The result of Pinoy Big Brother Lucky 7 “Dream Team” first nominated housemates will be revealed Saturday night, January 21, 2017.

Last night, Big Brother surprised the housemates with the first ever nomination for PBB Dream Team after their successful cheerdance performance. The nominated housemates will go through a series of challenge in order to survive from eviction.

FULL VIDEO: PBB Dream Team Cheerdance Final Performance

Who among the PBB Dream Team members will be nominated tonight? Live results will be posted below.

Nominated Housemates:

Tanner Mata
Aura Azarcon
Jerome Alecre
Jinri Park

Safe Housemates:

Edward Barber
Maymay Entrata
Kisses Delavin
Yong Muhajil
Cora Waddell
Nikko Natividad and Mccoy de Leon
Nonong Ballinan
Elisse Joson

Face-Off Challenge
Aura vs Jerome
Winner: Jerome

Tanner vs Jinri
Winner: Tanner

Tanner vs Jerome
Winner: Tanner

Official Nominated Housemates:

Aura, Jinri and Jerome

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