Pastillas Girl Picks Topher Over Jess and Evan, It’s Showtime Sept. 18 Episode (VIDEO)

Finally, Pastillas Girl (Angelica Jane Yap in real life) has finally picked one of the aspirants of It’s Showtime “Nasaan ka Mr. Pastillas” segment Friday, September 18, 2015.


Today’s episode, Pastillas Girl got to know more about her admirers as she was given the chance to talk to the three guys. Christopher Labao, Jess Verano Senido and Evan Vergogna were given a one minute time to speak face to face with her.

Before the end of the program, Angelica chose Topher over Jess and Evan. Watch the video below.

Topher, a member of last week’s studio audience, Jess from Twitter, flew all the way from Bacolod and Evan, also from Twitter, have all said they are interested in getting to know Pastillas Girl better and also opened up about their personal lives.