Pastillas Girl New Suitors, Michael Enriquez & Jomari Tormento (VIDEO)

Meet the new suitors of Pastillas Girl – Jomari Tormento, dubbed as “Dancing Gwapo from Baguio”; and Michael Enriquez, also known as “Talented Hottie from QC.”

Jomari is a 22-year-old cheer dancer from Baguio City. He graduated with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. He was asked to show his dance moves and joined by Christopher Labao from Bulacan.

Michael is from Sydney, Australia, he visited the country to try some adventure in Manila. “I just wanted to get out of my everyday life in Sydney. It got boring,” he said.

He got curious after seeing a lot of tweets about Pastillas Girl and decided to watch her viral video on YouTube. “I found it very intriguing. I think it took a lot of courage to do what she did,” he said.

This week, three more admirers will be revealed in the next episodes of the show. They are “Singing Idolo ng Iloilo,” “Makata ng Mandaluyong,” and “Cutie Cute Cook ng Pangasinan.”

Are you Team Michael or Team Jomari? What about Team Evan and Team Topher?