Pastillas Girl Cries Over Bashing and Hate Messages on Social Media (VIDEO)

Angelica Jane Yap, popularly known as “Pastillas Girl,” could not contain her emotions over bashing and hate messages she’d been receiving for the past days.

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On Thursday episode of It’s Showtime, the 21-year-old Twitter darling admitted that she’s aware of the bashing and negative comments on Twitter and Facebook.

She said she’s not perfect and she can’t please everyone. She went to the studio with no idea what would happen, she added.

Vice Ganda quickly sympathized with Patillas Girl, saying that she’s not alone as he and other celebrities also get a lot of hate messages on social media.

After the segment for Mr. Pastillas search, Yap thanked her growing number of fans on social media.

Meanwhile, netizens showed their support for her with the episode’s official hashtag #ItsPastillasTime placing on Twitter’s worldwide trends.