MTRCB Releases Results of It’s Showtime Meeting Over ‘Pastillas Girl’ Segment

The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) has released the results of the Gender and Development (GAD) meeting with It’s Showtime executives and producers over the controversial ‘Pastillas Girl’ segment.


On Wednesday, Oct. 14, MTRCB released the results of it’s meeting in a three-page document that contain suggestions to improve the segment and to protect Angelica Jane Yap as a woman.

MTRCB suggest the following resolutions below.

  • The program shall ensure the protection of Ms. Angelica Yap’s (the real name of the so-called Pattillas Girty dignity as a young woman by inroducing scenes depicting het empowerment as a person while she faces various challenges in her young life (in this way, the impression, for instance, that her “only reason for living is to have a boyfriend” can be negated).
  • The program shall continue to brief Ms. Yap before any episode considering that she is arguably now a “public figure” and thus may be perceived as a “model” by young women; this will ensure words and actions appropriate to the “PG” rating of the program.

The agency also asked the management of the noontime show to continue the practice of briefing Pastillas Girl for every episode to avoid expression of inappropriate words and actions during the live airing of ‘Nasaan Ka Mr. Pastillas’ segment on national television.

MTRCB also discussed concerns expressed by televiewers over the manner of dressing and movement of some participants in the program.

  • Subject any manner of dressing to a three-tiered process of review — under which any attire or costume is first screened by a segment producer, which determination is subsequently reviewed by a wardrobe executive, and then finally decided upon by an administrative associate producer.
  • Require prior rehearsal by any performer for review and approval by program executives, to the end that the number does not violate any norm of gender-sensitivity or other rule.

The meeting between MTRCB and It’s Showtime management is in light of a complaint filed by women’s group Gabriela claiming that the show has been pimping Pastillas Girl.