Mr. Pastillas Aspirant Topher Reconciles with Ex-Girlfriend on It’s Showtime (FULL VIDEO)

Topher from Bulacan, one of the aspirants of It’s Showtime search for Mr. Pastillas turned emotional as he came face to face with ex-girlfriend named Melissa.

On Monday, Sept. 21, Melissa surprised Topher when she personally appeared on the show. Melissa asked Vice Ganda’s advice regarding her ex-boyfriend who was possessive and had a bad break-up with her. Vice told her to talk to her ex-bf to put an end on their unresolved issues so they can move on.

With Vice’s permission, Melissa revealed the ex-bf that she’s referring was Topher.

Just like Pastillas Girl and Enzo, Topher and Melissa were able to patch things up between them. Melissa explained that she did not leave Topher for another man and even fought for their relationship to her parents.

In the end, Topher apologized and asked for forgiveness. Melissa replied and accepted his apology.

Watch the full video below.

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Posted by Kapamilya Online World on Monday, September 21, 2015