Maxene Magalona as Francis M. Wins ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’ Week 7

Actress Maxene Magalona was crowned winner of ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’ on Sunday, April 26 aired via ABS-CBN.


Maxene impersonate his father, Francis M., when she sang his 90’s hit “Mga Kababayan” during the sixth week episode of the show on Saturday.

After her performance, judge Jed Madela said, “I just want to say that your dad is one of the most iconic Filipino performers ever. He will live on not just because through memory but because of you. It must be very difficult to perform kasi paglabas mo pa lang kanina, we already broke down. But because we saw your composure, you held on till the last pose here onstage. I really salute your for that sincere performance. Thank you for bringing back the one and only Francis M.”

Megastar Sharon Cuneta said, “Just looking at Gary and Jed and myself, you see how much respect we have for your dad, not just as one of the icons of the music industry — he loved the country, he showed it, he fought for it, and he loved his craft.”

“And when your dad was sick, I wrote him a letter cause I didn’t –I just felt that there are so many people who deserve to go ahead and your dad deserved to stay a long, long time. And he sent me a text message and I still keep that in my old, old phone.”