Filipino Group Junior New System Advances to Asia’s Got Talent Grand Finals (VIDEO)

Filipino group Junior New System earned a golden buzzer and secured a spot in Asia’s Got Talent Grand Finals, together with fellow Filipino Gwyneth Dorado.


The young boys danced to a mash-up of pop songs music including “We Will Rock You?”, “Maria” and “Let’s Get Loud” for their performance, dressed in striped red shirts and in shiny high heels. They rocked the stage during the show’s semifinals, earning the Golden Buzzer from the judges.

Indonesian rock icon Anggun loved the “inspiring” performance.”I am touched by your story and what you’ve achieved so far is very inspirational. And on a very personal, personal note, whatever happens –I wish you all good luck,” she said.

Another judge, Vanness Wu, looked totally stunned said the boys didn’t even need the heels.

“You guys are amazing as is. I know it brings the difficulty level but I love watching you guys get into it…You guys are awesome. I loved it. You guys are my favorite, seriously,” he said.