Filipina X Factor Winner Rose Fostanes May be Deported from Israel

Rose Fostanes, The X Factor Israel winner, is facing deportation from Israel according to a report in the website.


The report said that Fostanes may likely be expelled since her artist visa has already expired a month ago and Aroma Music, the company which represents the “X Factor” winners, has withdrawn its visa request for her.

“Aroma Music representatives confirmed that Fostanes’ current visa expired a month ago and said that since she did not produce profits for them, they cannot request an artist visa for her, which would require them to pay her a monthly salary for a year. They don’t believe that Rose could make a living during this year from music alone,” the report said.

The report added that the copmpany “cannot extend financial sponsorship to Fostanes despite its respect for her talent” but they are “hopeful that a solution will be found to obtain an alternative visa that will enable her to make a living from other jobs as well.”

“Rose is a very talented singer and we would have been happy to see her musical career take off in Israel too. As a record company, we tried to develop a big career for her in Israel and abroad, but it takes years to build a career, with hard work and patience,” Michal Weissberg of Aroma Music said.

The Filipina singer still hopes that she could obtain an artist visa by finding a new manager who would give her a monthly salary.

“I’m ready to do whatever it takes. I know I’m not that beautiful and I know that I’m not the typical singer that everyone’s looking for, but I believe that if I’m just given the opportunity, I’ll prove that I can succeed,” she said.

“I understand the situation that I’m in and the only thing I hope is that the people in the Interior Ministry will understand that I’m a human being just like them, that they’ll understand how important this opportunity is that they can give me,” she added.