Big Brother 17 Houseguest Audrey Middleton Reveal She’s Transgender (VIDEO)

Audrey Middleton, a digital media consultant from Villa Rica GA, revealed to her fellow Big Brother 17 housemates that she’s the first transgender houseguest in Big Brother history.


During the premiere episode of the show on Wednesday, Audrey suggested that everyone step up and reveal something interesting about themselves.

“Something interesting about me,” shared Audrey, “Is that I am the first transgender person to be on Big Brother!”

The housemates were surprised and reacted warmly. “You look amazing!” said Shelli. “Looking good!” shouted Jace, the skateboarder. John looked a little stunned at first, but he adjusted. “Never would have guessed it,” said former college football player, Clay.

According to Audrey, she transitioned three years ago and that it was the first time she admitted it on a “public forum.”

Watch the big revelation below.