America’s Got Talent 2014 Top 48 Week 1 July 30 Episode Results

America’s Got Talent Season 9 (2014) first 12 acts performed last night from the Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

Click to watch the 12 acts performance last night.
Americas Got Talent 2014 Winner

Tonight, let’s find out who among the 12 performers will move on to the next round! The 12 performers vying for the 5 spots tonight are:

Miguel Dakota, Flight Crew Jump Rope, Julia Goodwin, Jasmine Flowers, Emily West, Dan Naturman, The Willis Clan, Sean and Luke, Baila Conmigo, JD Anderson, Valo & Bobby, and David & Leeman!

Results will be posted below.

Top Five (5)
1. Emily West
2. Dan Naturman
3. Miguel Dakota
4. David and Leeman
5. Baila Conmigo – Judges Choice

1. Jasmine Flower
2. Valo and Bobby
3. The Willis Clan
4. Sean and Luke
5. Julia Goodwin
6. JD Anderson
7. Jump Rope Flight Crew – Eliminated by the Judges

What do you think of the results tonight?