America’s Got Talent Season 10 last set of the 36 acts performed from the Radio City Music Hall in New York City on Tuesday.


On tonight’s #AGTLiveResults show, August 26, only seven of them will get through to the next round and the rest will be sent home.

Last night’s performers include Oz Pearlman, Larry Callahan, Selected of God, The Professional Regurgitator, Daniella Mass, Alicia Michilli, Benjamin Yonattan, Chapkis Dance Family, Daditude, Freelusion, Gary Vider, Metal Mulisha and Mountain Faith.

Last week, Uzeyer Novruzov, Arielle Baril, The CraigLewis Band, Sharon Iriving, Derek Hughes, Ira Fennelbloom, and 3 Shades of Blue were chosen to perform in the next round while Damone Rippy, Animation Crew, Myq Kaplan, DM Nation and Freckled Sky were eliminated.

What are your predictions tonight? Please check the results below.

Through to the next round:
1. Mountain Faith Band
2. Alicia Michilli
3. Oz Pearlman
4. The Professional Regurgitator
5. Freelusion
6. Gary Vider (Dunkin Save)
7. Daniella Mass

Eliminated acts:
1. Selected Of God Choir
2. Chapkis Dance Family
3. Daditude
4. Metal Mulisha
5. Benjamin Yonattan