America’s Got Talent Season 10 ‘Judge Cuts’ Part 4 Results

NBC’s hit reality-competition series America’s Got Talent returns Tuesday night, August 4, for the fourth episode of the ‘Judge Cuts‘.


Piers Morgan will be joining Howard Stern, Mel B, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and like Neil Patrick Harris and Michael Buble last week, the comedian has a golden buzzer to send an act straight on to the next round.

Who will end up in the top 36? So far, 21 contestants have been chosen with the help of guest judges Neil Patrick Harris, Michael Buble and Marlon Wayans. We’ll have to see who impresses Piers Morgan tonight.

Here are the acts performing to Radio City!

1. Piff The Magic Dragon (Golden Buzzer)
2. Chapkis Dance Family
3. Myq Kaplan
4. Freelusion Dance Company
5. 3 Shades Of Blue
6. Silvia Silvia
7. Samantha Johnson
8. The CraigLewis Band (Golden Buzzer)
9. DM Nation
10. Benjamin Yonattan
11. Uzeyer Novruzov
12. Danielle Mass
13. Ira Fennelbloom
14. Selected of God Choir
15. Paul Zerdin (Marlon’s Golden Buzzer)
16. Oz Pearlman
17. Vita Radionova
18. Mountain Faith Band
19. Triple Threat
20. Animation Crew
21. Benton Blount

Live results for tonight episode will be posted below. Please refresh your page for more updates!

1. Siro-A (Golden Buzzer)
2. The Gentleman
3. Steven Starr
4. Duo Volta
5. Gary Vider
6. Alicia Michilli
7. Derek Hughes

What do you think of the results tonight? Sound off!