America’s Got Talent 2016 Quarterfinals Week 2 Live Performance Videos

America’s Got Talent Season 11 returns Tuesday, August 2, for the second episode of quarterfinals live performances at Dolby Theater in Hollywood.

Twelve acts are set to perform tonight and they are Sos and Victoria, FLIP, Moya Angela, The Clairvoyants, ThroWings, Ryan Stock and AmberLynn, Steven Brundage, Viktor Kee, Kadie Lynn Roberson, Sofie Dossi, Sal Valentinetti and Calysta Bevier.

Recap and video of their performances will be posted below.

Flip: High-Intensity All-Girl Dance Group Slays With a Royal Routine

Moya Angela: Soulful Vocalist Slays Whitney Houston Cover

Viktor Kee: Juggling Artist Stuns Crowd With Gorgeous Skills

Kadie Lynn: Teen Country Singer Covers “My Church” by Maren Morris

Calysta Bevier: Emotional Cover of “Brave” Electrifies the Crowd

Sofie Dossi: Teen Contortionist Shoots Flaming Bow and Arrow

Sal Valentinetti: Suave Singer Covers One Direction’s “Story of My Life”

The Clairvoyants: Mentalists Control the AGT Judges’ Minds

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