Americans React After Watching ‘AlDub’ (FULL VIDEO)

Eat Bulaga’s phenomenal love team ‘AlDub‘ have been making headlines not only in the Philippines, but also abroad.


Recently, onscreen couple Alden Richards and Maine ‘Yaya Dub’ Mendoza from Eat Bulaga’s segment, “Juan for All, All for Juan” has got BBC and The Guardian.

This time, Buzzfeed created a video showing how Americans think of AlDub and the show. The video showed Eat Bulaga’s “Juan for All, All for Juan” first episode that started the hashtag #AlDUb.

They gathered some people and asked them to watch the episode and videotaped their reactions.

“What’s pabebe?” some of the participants asked. “I’ve never heard of Eat Beluga,” one participant said. “Unless you’re referring to eating whale.”

“Eat Baluga is coming to the States,” one of them joked. It looks like they loved it, “Say goodbye to your Desperate Housewives, your Parks and Recreation, throw that sh-t out! Eat Bulaga is comin’ to the States.”

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Watch the video below.