American Idol Season 14 ‘Hollywood Hopefuls’ Spoilers List

American Idol Season 14 may not start airing on television until January next year, but in reality, the ‘Hollywood Week’ will begin this month.


According to Facebook American Idol Updates, Hollywood Week will begin filming on October 25 with judges Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban.

The final auditions round concluded in San Francisco with the last golden tickets handed out to hopefuls for 2015 Hollywood Week.

Here’s the list of singers who advanced to Hollywood (Please take note there’ll be more revisions and to come).

Jhameel, Tymira-Joi, Sylis Montez, Trish Torrales, Brad Wannemacher, Emma Davis, Blake Soles, Camille Peruto, Johnny Arco, Nesi, Lawrence Park, Chandler Leighton, Avianna Acid, Alex Shier, Piper Jones, Karly Moreno, Mackenzie Johnson, Zach Johnson, Hannah Mrozak, Manuel Romero, Abby Alton, Monica Mendoza, Hannah von der Hoff, Emily Brooke, Brandon Trevon, Torres Hodges, Courtney Guns, Brandon Hassan, Morgan Ovens, Micah Williams, Kristin Korda, Annalise Azadian, Matthew Sequeira, Daniel Seavey.

Unknown Placement:
Angelica Alvarado, Lovey James, Matt Walden, Quiad Edwards, Alyssa Siebkin

Marrielle Sellers, Adam Sanders, Megan Miller, Schyler Dixon, Maurice Townsend, Gianna Canberra, Jordan Brisbane, Shannon Wilson, Emmanuel Zidor, Bria Anai, Briston Maroney, Ethan Harris.