Paolo Ballesteros and G-Force Dancer Boyfriend Roland Ochoa Anog Breakup?

Actor and television host Paolo Ballesteros and G-Force dancer boyfriend Roland Ochoa Anog have reportedly breakup according to Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP).

In a column of Jojo Gabinete in Abante, he said that according to his sources, Paolo and Roland are confirmed separated.

They are also the couple mentioned in a blind item by Ricky Lo in his column at The Philippine STAR on Tuesday, May 30.

According to Lo’s “Funfare” column: “Have the TV host/actor and his dancer boyfriend broken up? His soc med posts seem to confirm it.”

Rumors about the said breakup started after the TV host posted a cryptic message on his Instagram. Together with a photo of his and Roland’s tattoos, he wrote: “That’s it pancit. Back to zero.”

Meanwhile, PEP also added that it was Paolo’s decision to end their relationship after Roland reportedly got a girl pregnant.

Last April, Paolo posted photo of his hand holding another man’s on mobile photo-sharing app Instagram. After a month, he shared a face photo of him and his rumored boyfriend on Instagram.

Update: Paolo Ballesteros’s camp denies breakup with rumored boyfriend.