My Bebe Love and Beauty and the Bestie MMFF 2015 Ticket Swapping Controversy

The Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2015 kicked-off Friday, December 25. Eight original Filipino movies were released in theaters nationwide.


On it’s opening day, fans of My Bebe Love’ which stars Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza cried foul when news of the ticket swapping spread on social media.

According to reports, some moviegoers who watched “My Bebe Love” on the first day took to Twitter snaps of the tickets given to them and it says “Beauty and the Bestie.”

Director Joey Reyes also confirmed about the ‘ticket swapping controversy.’ “Got word from producer:IT IS TRUE,” said Reyes in his Twitter post on Friday. “Make sure that the title of the movie on YOUR ticket is what you want to watch. Beware of ticket swapping,” he reminded.

Meanwhile, SM Cinema confirmed that there had been a “mistake” in the printing of some tickets. According to them, “after verification, it was a mistake due to the high volume of tickets purchased. Apology for any inconvenience.”

#AlDubNation please be aware! Initially thought it was just a random mistake when we saw similar posts earlier but apparently it's not! We don't want to think bad of other people but it seems the ticket sales are bring rigged in favor of someone else's film! @direkjoey @octoartsfilms @mybebelove_official @eatbulaga1979 @direkmike @angpoetnyo @allan_klownz @richard_p_faulkerson @rmcfaulkerson @leysam17 @nelsoncanlas @aubreycarampel @gmanetwork @gmanews Hope you can help do something about this to help the stars of #MyBebeLove also @msaiaidelasalas @mainedcm @aldenrichards02. Thank you. ?? @Regrann from @fennypaid – My bebe love ang pinanood nmin pero beauty and the bestie ang ticket na binigay… bat ganun???? #Regrann

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They then told the movie-goers to “get your ticket replaced at the cinema booth” in case the title of the film printed in their ticket was not the one they purchased.

“Rest assured that the transaction will be counted fairly,” they added.


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