Miss Grand International 2013 Finals Live Telecast, Results and Winners

The first ever Miss Grand Internationals 2013 will take place today and will be aired on Channel 7 starting at 22:30 (Bangkok time), 10:30 am (EST), 4:30 pm (CET) and a live stream though the pageant’s official YouTube channel.

More than 70 contestants from around the world will vie for the title including Philippines representative Annalie Forbes.

Miss Grand International 2013 Winners

The winner will get an impressive $30,000 cash award and an apartment in Bangkok during her year of reign. She will also participate in various events related to the ‘Stop the War’ campaign at an international level.

The Final Results and Winner:

Miss Grand International 2013 Winner:
Puerto Rico – Janelee Chaparro

1st runner-up:
Dominican Republic – Chantel Martínez

2nd runner-up:
Slovak Republic – Denisa Paseciakova

3rd runner-up:
Philippines – Annalie Forbes

4th runner-up:
Australia – Kelly Louise Maguire

Top 5: Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Australia, Slovak Republic, and Philippines.

Top 10: Brazil, Australia, Slovak Republic, Cuba, Latvia, Philippines, Venezuela, Sri Lanka, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.

Top 20: Brazil, Slovak Republic, Latvia, Sri Lanka, Macedonia, China, Puerto Rico, Netherlands, Pakistan, USA, Australia, Thailand, Myanmar, Ecuador, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Colombia and Philippines.

Special Awards:

Best National Costume – Miss China
Best in Swimsuit – Latvia
Best Evening Gown – Dominican Republic
Miss Popular Vote – Miss Myanmar