LOOK: Ahron Villena Posted Photo Showing His Private Part on Instagram

Actor Ahron Villena is currently trending after his private photo surfaced on social media.

On Friday, July 28, the reported photo has been circulating online showing a selfie of the 30-year-old actor and his private part.

According to reports, Villena ‘accidentally’ published the photo on his official Instagram account but immediately removed minutes after posting.

Last May, the actor was also involved in another photo scandal apparently showing his ‘manhood’ while inside a private plane.

On Friday, Villena has apologized for accidentally posting a nude photograph of himself on Instagram.

The actor posted the apology on Twitter, and explained how he came to share the image, which exposed his private parts.

“Pressed [the] wrong button. Not meant to be shared. Sorry for the mistake. That’s all there is to it,” he said.