Gloria Diaz Banned in Cebu | Major-Major Mistake

Gloria Diaz has been banned in Cebu and declared as “persona non grata” (personally unacceptable or unwelcome). The Vice Mayors League of The Philippines-Cebu condemned Ms. Diaz’s comment in a TV interview allegedly insults Cebuano’s capability in speaking in English.

The controversial statement of Miss Universe 1969 was in fact a question about Miss Philippines Venus Raj answer to Miss Universe 2010.

In an interview with TV Patrol last week she said,
“I think (Venus) thinks in Tagalog and answers in English. I can relate to that because I used to think in English and answer in Tagalog, and it was very difficult for me… When you think about (it), a Cebuana can hardly speak English and, of course, Tagalog. Maybe she should answer in Bisaya.”

Diaz, in the same ABS-CBN interview on August 28, was shocked with how people reacted to her statement.

“Everybody was so angry… I thought they’re gonna stone me to death,” she said, laughing. “I want to just make people realize it is just, you know, say it with whatever you’re comfortable with.”

The League also demanded public apology from Diaz.

Source Manila Bulletin