Xian Lim Refused To Wear ‘I Love Albay’ Shirt, Reacts to Albay Gov. Joey Salceda’s Facebook Rant

ABS-CBN actor Xian Lim was the subject of Albay Governor Joey Salceda rant via his Facebook on Thursday, February 19.

According to Salceda, Xian allegedly refused to accept a coffee table book about the province, wear an Albay T-Shirt and was heard by many saying ‘I’m not here to promote Albay’. The governor also even dragged the actor’s parents into the issue, saying that they might not have raised Xian well. He even questioned his character, educational background and the Star Magic management.

Xiam-Lim-Albay-Chinese-New-YearPHOTO CR: Albay Governor Joey Salceda Facebook

“Xian Lim says in my face (Atty Carol) while handing the coffee table book in front of many – “I’m not here to promote albay”.” If his road manager checks his record, Albay paid for his many guestings since way back 2011 when his talent fee was just P75.000 (Ginoo ni Magayon) and now P350,000 for Fiesta Tsinoy Albay. Its either 1. His parents did not raise him well. 2. He had bad education. 3. He is not managed well. 4. His character is inversely proportional to his looks. 5. He is on something.”

The actor immediately immediately reacted to the issue. He took to Twitter to air his side. He clarified he was asked to wear a shirt, but politely refused because it might be in conflict with his clothing endorsement. He also denied saying ‘I’m not here to promote Albay.’

“I just read an online article about an incident which is deeply upsetting because it doesn’t tell the right story. In the article I was quoted as saying ‘I am not here to promote Albay’, something I never said or would ever say,” he said.

“Earlier, the author of the online article handed me a coffee table book of Albay and a t-shirt to wear. My exact words to her were ‘Sorry po, hindi ko maisuot yung tshit kasi baka magka-conflict sa clothing endorsement ko. Pasensiya na po.’ Later on, someone reported her as saying ‘Ayaw daw niya.’ I love Albay and I am always happy to be here with its good people. I deeply apologize to Governor Salceda and the people of Albay for the misunderstanding about my reasons for refusal to wear the t shirt.”

“My parents raised me to be respectful and generous to everyone, and my management has always stressed the virtues of decency and humility. I do not do drugs and have worked hard to get to where I am. If you send me the t shirt and after I have cleared it with my clothing endorsement, I would be more than happy to wear it online and on air. I am also very willing to promote the book of Albay,” he added.

Lim visited Albay for the “Fiesta Tsinoy”, an event celebrating the Chinese New Year.