Rey Pamaran Rejects Melissa Mendez Public Apology, Files 3M Total Damages

Businessman Rey Pamaran, friend of rugby player Andre Wolff, involved in Cebu Pacific incident over the weekend did not accept Melissa Mendez‘s public apology.


The 50-year-old actress released her apology to Pamaran on her Instagram page Tuesday.

She wrote: “In light of the recent incident that involved me and Mr. Rey Pamaran, I would just like to simply apologize for my untoward actions and move on from this. This incident has caused a lot of pain and trouble to me and my family, as well as the other party involved.

“I am owning up to my mistake. No matter what the reason might be, I had no right to physically hurt Mr. Pamaran. Again, my deepest apologies to Mr. Pamaran and everyone else who have been affected by this.”

A day prior, Pamaran posted an open letter to Mendez, saying he will not be pressing legal charges against the actress, “on the condition that you set the records straight using the truth and nothing else but the whole truth through a genuine public apology.”

But Pamaran rejected her apology and decided to pursue the case.

He claimed: “I was hoping for a more heartfelt reply, where she would not only apologize but also own up to the lies that she said on TV to defend herself while destroying my reputation.”

“However in the spirit of the coming Holy Week, I am giving Ms. Mendez one more chance to clear everything in detail, including all the lies that she said about the incident,” Pamaran said in his Instagram post.

Pamaran also said he wanted Mendez to apologize on national television because “that is where she destroyed his name.” “Making statements thru social media just adds insult to injury,” he said.

Earlier today, Pamaran has already filed charges and is seeking P500,000 in nominal damages, P500,000 in legal fees, and P2 million in moral damages over the domestic flight altercation with Melissa Mendez.