Piolo Pascual Admits He’s Gay News is ‘FAKE’

ABS-CBN network has finally denied claims that actor Piolo Pascual admitted he’ gay in an interview with satirical news site Manilalink.


“After years of rumors surrounding his sexuality, Piolo Pascual finally had the courage to reveal the real deal. In an exclusive interview with Manila Link, the 38-year-old actor who has been the subject of gay rumors for most of his career, confirmed that he has been in relationships with both women and men.”

The network was able to contact the 38-year-old actor and asked about the ‘malicious article’ but Pascual denied that an interview ever happened.

On Saturday, November 14, ABS-CBN released a statement about the issue.

“It has come to the attention of PUSH.com.ph that a site named Manilalink.com came out with an article claiming that they had an interview with Piolo Pascual regarding his sexuality. We verified this with Mr. Piolo Pascual himself and he vehemently denied that the interview ever happened. This article is a hoax.

We enjoin the public to beware of HOAX sites such as manilalink.com that intend to malign and destroy the reputation of good people.”

On it’s about page, the site describe itself as the ‘most notorious satirical news portal in the Philippines.’