Patrick Schwarzenegger Comes Under Fire After Pranking Elderly Woman in Japan

Patrick Schwarzenegger came under fire after pranking an elderly woman at a Japanese temple in Kyoto, Japan. The video captioned “making tourism fun” has been making the rounds on social media.


In the video, the twenty-one-year old son of Arnold Schwarzenegger giggles as he pranks an older woman by tickling her on the neck with a twig. The woman appears irritated but unaware of the joke as she tries to swat away the insect from her neck, while Schwarzenegger was seen laughing as he sneaked up behind the woman.

The young Schwarzenegger has earned the ire of netizens for his prank. Many commenters condemned the prank.

“He should show some respect,” and “I hope you know her [because] otherwise that’s a douche move,” one of the commenters said.

“Please do not come anymore in Japan,” said @maikbaby.

“He should show some respect. Please don’t be back,” @minoru23 commented.

Watch the video below.