Paris Hilton is Suing Plane Crash Pranksters for Emotional Distress

Socialite Paris Hilton is suing the people behind the plane crash prank for emotional distress.

Gossip Cop reports that “Hilton has consulted with attorneys about suing everyone behind the prank While she signed a consent form to appear on the show, she was placed in undue danger that not only caused her tremendous stress during the incident but has also left her a wreck whenever she now flies, which is practically every week.”

Hilton recently appeared on Egyptian prank show Ramez in Control while in Dubai for a hotel opening. On the episode, she was led to believe she’d had an aerial-tour of the area added to her itinerary, and once the plane she boarded was in the air, hired actors convinced her its engine was malfunctioning and that she and her fellow passengers were doomed to plummet to the ground.

Inside the plane cabin, alarms go off and other “passengers” scream alongside Hilton, who clearly believes in the footage that she’s about to die in a plane crash.

Only after jet the safely lands is Hilton then informed it was all a prank and, not surprisingly, is furious with Galal, who thinks it’s all funny.