Actor Oyo Boy Sotto took to social media to air his bad experience against a driver of Mercedez Benz with ‘8’ plate for being rude on the road.


Sotto said he and his two children were crossing the street in Alabang last Sunday when the driver of the car did not allow them to pass.

“You are one rude Representative/Congressman!” he wrote. “We were crossing the street with my children in front of Acacia Hotel and you didn’t want to let us pass!”

“You seemed impatient, you looked like you really wanted to hit me just because I stopped and was waiting for my children to cross,” he said. “That’s why most of the people do not respect or obey the law it’s (sic) because of people like you, who is (sic) not being a good leader,” he added. “You are really rude!”

Sotto posted a photo of the silver Mercedes-Benz sedan on Instagram. He was sure that the driver who did not allow them to pass was the owner of the car, accompanied by his wife “seated in the passenger seat all dressed up.”

The Department of Transportation and Communications has an issuing protocol known as low numbered plates for motor vehicles of government officials. “8” plate are assigned for congressmen.