Mexican Singer Drops ‘Menstrual Pad’ While Performing on National Television

Mexican singer Patricia Navidad accidentally dropped her ‘menstrual pad’ while performing on live television.


The 42-year-old singer’s pad suddenly dropped, slipped out beneath her blue dress and fell onto the ground while singing the song “Viva Mexico” on national television show ‘Despierta Americana’ (Wake Up America).

Navidad continued her performance, as if nothing happened, while the pad just lay on the ground.


Shen then took to Twitter to laugh about the incident and fires back at her detractors on social media.

“They say that a man who treats a woman like a princess was raised by a queen, those who attack, who raised you?” she wrote. She added it’s “nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Too bad all the men that are making fun of this weren’t there, because if it is what they say it was I would’ve loved to have smeared it on their face.”