Kris Aquino Slams Basher who Criticized her for Working while Feeling ill

TV host and actress Kris Aquino slammed an online basher who criticized her for working while feeling ill and for calling her money-hungry.


On Sunday, Aquino shared how she and son Bimby were preparing for work despite of being ill.

“I needed to remember the reason all my hard work is still worth it, and waking up beside these 2 is all the inspiration I’ll ever need,” she said in the post which shows a photo of sons Joshua and Bimby. “Rested the whole of Saturday (got home 6:30 AM from shooting in Pampanga) slept & stayed in bed to recover from my bad cough & body aches… Now getting ready to go to a TVC shoot, new endorsement for Bimb & me.”

A certain @sbaluyot on Instagram replied: “God said ingatan mo ang sarili mo at iingatan kita but if you abused it that’s different story may kalalagyan ka and that’s too bad. You don’t have time to listen what your body saying money, money that’s what u want. Very powerful ang pera sa iyo sad to say. Good luck.”

In response to the comment, Aquino said: “You deserve a reply because you are so judgmental na wala sa lugar- if I didn’t show up for work, did you think how many people in the production & the crew wouldn’t get paid If I packed up my taping for Kris TV or movie, how many of the staff & crew who get paid daily won’t have their salary?”

“This is the truth- I am rich, my sons are provided for but I have a responsibility to those I work for & those I work with. And that is not being selfish but knowing the value of hard work & pakikisama. Masaya bang magwork na ubo ng ubo & w/ fever?” she added.

“Ang LAKAS ng loob mo to judge me when your account is on private- I was raised w/ the right work ethics & the courage to stand by my values- judge me again when you’ve again some of that,” Aquino ended.

The following day, Aquino explained why she replied to the basher. “Taking antibiotics, not feeling well, that’s why pumatol,” she said.

“I have no mortgages to pay, I have a few businesses that are already earning… But I’m not the only 1 w/ a job at stake- there are at least 80 people working on @kristvofficial_ig & about 120 on #EtiquetteForMistresses plus another 20 working personally for my sons & me,” she added.