JM de Guzman Challenges Enrique Gil to a One-on-One MMA Fight

Pinoy actor JM de Guzman challenged fellow ABS-CBN artist Enrique Gil to face him in a one on one fight on Friday. This stemmed from last week’s incident involving Jessy Mendiola (JM’s girlfriend).

“With all due respect to Enrique Gil’s friends, fans and family. I would like to challenge to a one on one amatuer (sic) mixed martial arts match any place any time, ” de Guzman said in an Instagram post.

“I’ll give you time to prepare. Man up. Face me. (reply to my text messages please.) thanks brother.: @enrique17,” he added.

The Instagram post has since been deleted but it still on de Guzman’s Twitter feed.


On September 4, Enrique Gil made headlines for getting drunk inside a commercial plane en route to London. Gil reportedly became rowdy and tried to harass Mendiola.

After several days, Gil apologized on national television for the drunken incident but did not reveal the exact details of what happened.