Jiro Manio Returns Home, Reunites with Family

Award-winning actor Jiro Manio finally returned home to his family after staying at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) for several days.

PHOTO CR: MJ Marfori/News 5

PHOTO CR: MJ Marfori/News5

On Wednesday morning, the 23-year-old Manio was fetched by his younger brother, Anjo, and a cousin at NAIA Terminal 3 around 10:30 a.m.

Airport manager Octovio “Bing” Lina confirmed that Manio was convinced to return to his family.

“All of us have a moral obligation to help any person in distress and Jiro is such a young and wonderful boy that he deserved a second chance,” Lina said.

“He is a good kid. He wasn’t violent and he could easily be understood when he spoke. But there were times that he did not make sense.”

“He seemed disoriented because each time I talked to him he changed his stories,” Lina explained.

Lina remembered the first time asked Manio why he ended up at the NAIA, the actor said he left home because he was going to Great Britain.

The former child actor was found roaming and begging for food at Terminal 3, where had been staying for four days at the airport’s departure area.