James Reid’s Strip Dancing on OTWOL Angers Police Officers

James Reid’s stripping scene in one of the episodes of “On the Wings of Love” (OTWOL) was criticized and angered the police community.


The episode was aired by ABS-CBN on Monday where James Reid (Clark) can be seen wearing a police uniform while giving Nadine Lustre (Lea) a strip dance during a bridal shower party.

The said scene caught the ire of a policeman named Geoff Lim. He posted a photo on his social media account with caption:

“An irresponsible segment of an ABS-CBN Teleserye, ON THE WINGS OF LOVE, showing James Reid (Clark) in a PNP Uniform, strip dancing for his fiancee Nadine Ilustre (Lea) during her shower bridal party. As a police officer, it is infuriating to see OUR UNIFORM, a symbol of authority, being degraded this way. Remember that we sacrificed and endured hardship and training just to wear this. Can’t the writers think of any other scene rather than this? We call on everyone to share or repost this as a sign of protest or dismay. We need a more responsible media.”


Another police officer called on the PNP management not to tolerate this. “I believe in PNP transformation and police officers are painstakingly doing it wholeheartedly. To degrade this would be a direct insult to all the effort the PNP is doing for its image,” he said.

On a positive note, a netizen said: “When I watched the episode, I did not find it degrading to PNP. Reid did not portray as sex maniac.”

Meanwhile, Kane Errol Choa, Head of Corporate Communications of ABS-CBN on Wednesday issued an apology.

“The press statement further expressed that “The program has called the attention of its production team and assures the public that there was no intention to disrespect the sanctity of the Philippine National Police (PNP) uniform. We do not want to jeopardize our good relations with the PNP and will make sure that it will not happen again.”