Isabelle Daza Criticized by Netizens for #Siquiwhores Hashtag

TV host-actress Isabelle Daza was criticized by social media users for using a hashtag #Siquiwhores she used in an Instagram post during her trip to Siquijor.


Isabelle wrote “We’re here to insta! Lol #siquiwhores #dumagetiton.” In an another post, she posted a photo with the caption #siquiHOES, an obvious play on the words Siquijor and hoe.

We're here to insta! Lol #siquiWhores #dumagetiton

A photo posted by isabelledaza (@isabelledaza) on

The post was criticized by a number of netizens, with some saying her hashtag could be referring to the people of Siquijor. However, others defended her by saying the hashtag is “obviously pertaining to themselves.”

Now Dingdong Avanzado, who is the vice governor of Siquijor, just released an official statement on the issue:

“It has come to my attention that the Instagram account @isabelledaza, which appears to be owned by actress Isabelle Diaz Daza, has posted a travel photo with the hashtag #siquiWhores. “Before jumping into conclusions, I would like to hear directly from Ms. Daza whether the offensive term #siquiWhores is a description of herself and her companion or a judgment to my beloved people of Siquijor. “As the vice-governor of the province, I am worried on how such a foul and offensive word would damage the reputation of the Siquijodnons in the long-run. “I believe every citizen of Siquijor deserves a clarification from Ms. Daza on the matter.#siquijor”