Francis Magundayao Denies Leaked Private Video

Actor and commercial model Francis Magundayao has denied that he’s the guy from another ‘private’ video that leaked on social media over the weekend.


In a report by Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), the young actor said that someone is just trying to put him down right now. “Even if you think you are a good person in general, someone will try to break you down,” he said during the interview.

“I’m not shaken, not at all, because I’m sure a lot of people will support me, even non-showbiz.”

“I can say that I’m confident that I am not the guy in the video,” he added. “Right now I believe that my fans are standing by my side, that’s enough already.”

“If you are intelligent and if you obey God’s commandments, you stand on the right thing, on the right path.

“Shove off everything that’s negative coming from other people even your enemy,” he said.

His message to detractors:

“I forgave him or her already, right away. It’s the smartest thing to do.”

The 16-year-old actor also said: “There are really tons of issues coming out, I’m just trying to keep positive with everoy outcome kahit bad, kahit good.

“I’m just trying to be positive in every way. About the negative issue, just brush it off, walk with your head up high.”

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