Charlie Sheen to Reveal that HE is HIV Positive on TODAY

Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen is HIV positive according to several reports and he will reveal to the world on Today’s Show Tuesday morning according to TMZ.

Charlie Sheen HIV

The 50-year-old lead actor of “Two and a Half Men” has reportedly known that he is HIV positive for more five years. He has been taking meds to keep the virus under control and over time, it has become undetectable.

Report from TMZ:

“Charlie Sheen has had HIV for years … but his position now is that he beat the disease because it’s undetectable in his system … TMZ has learned.

Our sources say Charlie has known for more than 2 years that he was HIV positive … and one source says he’s known way longer than that. We’re told Charlie was taking meds for the HIV and has had a series of blood tests, and over time, the virus has been “undetectable” in his system.

Charlie will discuss his HIV status Tuesday on “Today.”