Casey Abrams Reaction Saved by American Idol Judges (Video)

American Idol judges Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steve Tyler used their save tonight after Casey Abrams voted by the viewers to send him home.

Abrams was not only in the bottom three, but also the lowest vote-getter so far of the season. After Thia Megia and Stefano Langone back to safety, Ryan Seacrest said that Abrams would sing to get another chance.

He had barely begun when Jackson cut him off and asked for the musicians to stop. The tension filled the air as a confused Abrams looked around to see what he might have done wrong to anger the judges.

“This is crazy wrong,” said Tyler.

“We were wondering when we heard the results, ‘Why is Casey at the bottom?’ We don’t know. You deserve to be here,” Lopez explained

“Are you kidding?” Abrams said, visibly shaking as he went and embraced the judges, repeating the words, “I can’t believe it!”

What do you think of the judges using their save on Casey? Did he deserve it?

Watch the dramatic moment below!