Angelica-Claudine Tweeter War

It seems that war between the Barreto sisters against Angelica Panganiban is not yet over. Last month, it was Angelica vs Gretchen and now it’s Angelica vs Claudine.

According to Claudine it was Angelica spreading rumors that she is having an affair with Martin Castro. Castro (a married man) apparently is a new friend of Raymart Santiago and a best friend of Derek Ramsey.

It all started when Claudine tweeted,

“You’re not worth it, girl. I’ll keep praying for your soul. Napakasama ng ginawa mo”.

“Don’t mess with my family… Sana mangyari sa’yo ito if pakasalan ka… Sana ma-remember mo yung magagandang bagay na ginawa namin ng family ko for you… Di pa tapos ’to…”

Claudine didn’t mention any name, but in an interview with PEP she’s referring to Angelica Panganiban.

Meanwhile, Mr. M as Johnny Manahan came to defend Angelica. In a statement sent to PEP he said

“Go ahead. Sue, Claudine. Make our Day! Para Bellum!” Meaning “if you wish for peace, prepare for war.”

“For those of us who know Angelica, well, she is feisty, irreverent, sometimes crude, but never a liar. Whoever is behind the web of lies and falsehoods being spin in print, Twitter, and other media must be a very disturbed individual. I only hope this nonsense stops before it destroys the perpetrator.”

Asked why Angelica remained silent on this issue, Mr. Manahan’s last statement was, “The only reason Angelica has not come out to defend herself against Claudine’s accusations is because what she has to say would be so compelling and devastating to Claudine’s career. That is why she has chosen the path of silence. Angelica still has compassion for Claudine and rejects all the falsehoods attributed to her.”

Source : PEP