Your Best Definition of the Word Bloggista

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According to, a Blogger refers to a person who keeps a Web log (blog) or publish an online diary. A Blogger writes on his own perspective, belief and interest.

Blogs may be classified as Entertainment Blog, Technology blog, Photography Blog, a Hobbie Blog or Make Money Online blog (MMO).

As the owner of the blog, you are called a Blogger. In Tagalog, it’s termed as Bloggista. Do you know that the word Bloggista has added in The definition of the word is yet to improved, that’s the rationale behind this post. has started a contest called The Definition of Bloggista [Winner will receive $100 and last submission of entry is on October 20, 2008]

The word Bloggista is a publishing technology writer who depends on Weblog as a writing material. Bloggista referring to a Blogger is sometimes defined as a writer. But there are a lot of differences between a Bloggista and a traditional writer. A traditional writer who is usually associated or affiliated with news organization while Bloggista is dependent on its own website called Weblog. Bloggista is often associated as a writer which is cool, but we have to realize that Blogging is just part of the growing technology.

There is an existing argument where the so-called real reporting and weblogging, but we have to stop here for a while since the purpose of this post is to find the real meaning of Bloggista.

In your own words, how would you define Bloggista?

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